Scribble And Stone At The RDS National Craft And Design Fair 2016

Just finished up from another bustling week down at the National Craft And Design Fair down at the RDS, and as usual had and absolutely brilliant time holding the fort down on the shop floor!

After a well deserved duvet day yesterday, i'm  still buzzing from the amazingly positive response Scribble And Stone received from customers (old and new) throughout the week. It was a genuine pleasure to be able to talk shoppers through some of our pieces and give them a bit of background into The Scribble And Stone brand and how everything got started. 

The fair ran from 30th Nov - 4th Dec, and showcased some of Ireland's finest craft and design creations with over 500 designers, artists and craftspeople selling their wares at the fare. As well as providing people with an opportunity to bag all of their Christmas shopping in one afternoon,  the Craft Fair provided me with the perfect opportunity to do what I love best, create and sell jewellery to customers directly. 

I'm always so humbled when I get chatting to one of our fabulous customers and they tell me about what my jewellery has meant to them or someone special they've bought for. 

It's always so inspiring and such a great motivation to get creating!

We were also pleasantly surprised when UTV cornered us for a quick interview!

Really looking forward to next years fair but for now it's back to the studio. :)