Our Materials

At Scribble & Stone, we use a variety of materials to create our objects of beauty.

We take care to source the best material for you within our price range which includes quality materials such as EU regulated 14kt Goldfill and Sterling Silver amongst others. Please check each listing for the specific materials used in the piece.

Why use gold-fill?

Also known as ‘rolled gold’, it is a layer of precious gold metal pressure bonded to another metal usually another yellow metal such as brass. Not to be confused with its cheaper cousin gold plating, gold fill contains far more of the precious metal, is EU regulated and more hardy than plating. It is tarnish resistant however resistant means slower to tarnish not immune to tarnishing as all metals tarnish over time. Please see our product care page to see how you can mitigate the wear and tear of your jewellery. https://www.scribbleandstone.com/pages/product-care

Do we use plating? 

In some instances we have used plated metals in order to keep the product affordable. If you are unsure please check the listing for materials used in the piece. 

Do we sell pure Gold? 

We do not offer pure Gold at this time due to the prohibitive cost. We strive to keep our pieces affordable however as 14kt GoldFill contains a layer of actual 14kt Gold it is still linked to the price of gold and therefore relatively expensive. Unfortunately the price is constantly rising as Gold becomes rarer and more expensive.