We think everyone should celebrate themselves and their key milestones with beautiful jewellery.

We are dedicated to always improving and work hard to source quality materials at affordable prices.

Each piece is hand-finished in our studio so we can stand by what we make and how it's made. Our aim is to offer the best jewellery on the market in our price range. When we say we want to offer you the “best product” we mean ”Is it comfortable to wear, will it last well, can it be repaired, can it be recycled”? 

We want throwaway, badly made, landfill quality jewellery to be a thing of the past. The quality of our range speaks volumes about the people who work here and our customers. We understand that our customers are the reason we exist and we are grateful for each and every sale.

Our business is built on equality, kindness, honesty and respect. We always strive to do better, to learn and to grow in work and in life!

As a brand are deeply committed to making our business grow in a way that is more sustainable. We always strive to pursue ethical business practices.

We care about our communities and the environment. We know that consumption and  business activity is a huge part of the problem. We are constantly learning and improving how we do things in order to build a business that has a positive impact on our society and our environment. 

We strive to offer you the best pieces in our price range. We want to make well designed "Objects of Beauty" available to everyone. Quality pieces of jewellery, ethically made, designed with longevity in mind and consciously purchased.

Pieces that will last well, be worn well and loved well for many years! 

Buy less, buy better is at the heart of what we do. One of the ways we can improve our impact on the planet is with goods that last well over time or that are made from materials that can be recycled so the materials in them remain in use and do not end up in landfill. We use premium materials such as 14kt GoldFill so that our items will have longevity. The gold in this 14kt GoldFill has been certified by the suppliers as being conflict free. We use recycled metals where possible and recycle our scrap metals. Customers can return any pieces for recycling should they wish at any stage if they no longer want them.

We use fsc certified sustainable paper for our packaging. Our gift boxes and eco- cotton pouches are designed to be longlife rather than single use and will store your precious jewels forever. The pouches are eco certified organic cotton which means the cotton used has been grown in a way that is more sustainable and better for the environment and the workers that farm it. Our mailing boxes are made from recycled materials and 100% recycled. 

We donate a portion of our profits every year to charities and projects that do good for humanity and the environment.

All of our shipments from our website are now fully carbon neutral and for 2024 we are moving to carbon POSITIVE shipping which means that our shipments should donate MORE to carbon removal projects than just off-setting them which is super exciting!

We strive to have a better, more transparent supply chain. As a small company we work with many large suppliers. At present many of our suppliers are certified by organisations that are leading the way in sustainable supply chains e.g the ethical jewellery council, AGTA, FSC to name just a few. it is our intention that ALL our suppliers would fall into this category in the future, unfortunately at present this is not the case YET but we believe sustainability is a journey.

 Ethically Made

We make objects of beauty to inspire moments of joy and memories of connection. We make our pieces ethically and fairly. We promote happiness and work/life balance in our company. We believe people should like what they do and be happy at work. Our success is dependent upon the collective positive energy, intelligence, happiness and contributions of all of our Team Members.

We hand finish our pieces in our Dublin based studio and outsource the manufacture of our components to our supply partners who have vouched for their ethical business practices.

Increasingly we use suppliers who are certified in this regard and our aim is for all of our suppliers to be so. We value our Suppliers and the benefit our business can bring to other communities. We seek to establish relationships with manufacturers who share our values. We aim to extend our ethos of commerce with a conscience as much as possible throughout our supply chain and hope we can improve the vetting of all our suppliers to ensure they share our values and to enable us to work with suppliers and communities for the better. We believe in a world where everyone has the opportunity to love what they do and to be fairly paid for the work they do. A world in which people buy less but buy better. We believe in a world where what you buy speaks to the person you are. It is your scribe stone, who you are, the things you care about and what you support.

We love what we do and believe everyone should be happy at work! We exist to bring happiness to people and in doing so leave a social footprint on the earth. Through the people we work with (by supporting their desire to work in the creative industries) and the people who collect our pieces (and the memories and love that goes with them) we aim to call to the creativity and joy in everyone's heart and soul. 

When you shop with us you are supporting people who longed to work with their hands, people who support families and local communities with this endeavor and people who want to help others and the earth by donating a share of their profits to worthy causes and by manufacturing in as sustainable a way as possible. Every year we donate some of our profits to causes we care about and we aim to increase this philanthropic endeavor as we grow.