Valentines Day Jewellery: Top 5 Gift Ideas From Scribble And Stone

It can be hard to find that perfect gift for that special someone in your life.

That’s why with Valentine’s day only around the corner, we have come up with our top 5 items you can get from Scribble And Stone this Valentines that will ensure you won’t be that last minute shopper grabbing some petrol station flowers on February 14th.


1. Rose Gold Glitter Cuff

With the rose being the ultimate symbol of love and adulation on Valentine’s day, why not substitute the cliched gift of a  single red rose this Valentine’s day for our beautiful Glitter Cuff with subtle elements of Rose Gold.  Believe us, this is a much more appealing option and  priced at only €55.00 this Rose plated metal / leather cuff is the perfect gift for Valentine’s day.





2. Infinity Rings Pendant

Or you may prefer our infinity Rings pendant. Inspired by Geometric & Architectural forms. This piece can be Worn singularly or stacked for dramatic effect. The Infinity Rings pendant features delicate 3mm rings in luxurious 14kt Gold-Fill on a sterling silver ball chain. The chain is a 1.2mm ball chain 18" in length and the silver has been oxidised to give it a blackened look. The gift of a ring has always been one of the most classic symbols of love on Valentine’s day and what better way to express your everlasting bond with someone than to present them with this beautiful infinity rings pendant.




3. Precious metal stacking bar bracelet

There is nothing more romantic than a bracelet for Valentine’s day, and from our new precious metal range we have this gorgeous delicate yet durable bracelet is the ideal gift for a partner or friend this valentine’s day.  It features a 2mm chain coupled with a 14kt gold bar.  Whether you’re on a budget or wanting to lavishly go all out, this  €75.00 bracelet is the perfect option. It’s a fantastic piece for  day to day wear and also special occasions, so if you want to deliver a thoughtful and glamerous gift, then this is the one to choose.




4. Arrow Stud Earrings

In classical mythology, Cupid is the god of desire, attraction and affection. He is never pictured without his bow and arrow; which represent his source of power. As these classic tales go, any person who has been struck by Cupid’s arrow is filled with uncontrollable desire.

These Arrow Studs are the perfect elegant one of a kind addition to any Valentine’s gift. These Plated Metals / Sterling silver ear posts are made to catch the eye and capture the heart. The perfect Valentine’s choice!



5. Stripe Bar Ring

A ring can be an extremely special and intimate gift for someone special at Valentine’s. The tradition of giving a ring as a gift came from Ancient Egypt and Rome, and will appeal to any receiver for Valentine’s as this type of gift perfectly demonstrates the seriousness and depth of the giver’s feelings. The ring is the perfect symbol of love and infinity and this Sterling Silver With 18kt Gold Plated ring is a definite showstopper that will guarantee smiles all round this February 14th