World Cancer Day

Its World Cancer Day today 4th Feb! If you can please try and donate to any of the wonderful charities in Ireland or abroad. Today we will be giving the full profits of all sales through our website to two imperative organisations BreakThroughCancerResearch and The Bone Marrow For Leukaemia Trust.
There is so much we could say about our dear friend Shane but even on just a professional level Shane helped us out so much over the years from packing boxes to building tradeshow stands. Anyone who saw us exhibit over the years can attest to what a superb job Shane did on those stands. There are no suitable words to explain how sorely missed he is and we will carry him in our hearts forever. 
To all who have lost loved ones to this terrible disease my heart goes out to you. We hope that together we can try and help make a difference and Please God this disease will be eradicated in our lifetime.