Xposé To Champion Irish Design and Innovation with New Segment: Design Insider - Scribble & Stone

We had a very exciting guest pop in last June in the form of Lisa Cannon and the TV3 Xpose crew, who paid us a visit in the studio for a little chat about the Scribble & Stone range.

The piece went out on TV3 last June, and gave a no holes barred exclusive sneak peek around the studio, to see where all the jewellery making magic happens. ;)

The visit was part of Expose’s Design Insider, a segment airing on TV3 every Monday, which ventures inside the studio’s of some of Ireland’s most renowned fashion designers, jewellery smiths and design innovators.

I was very honoured that Xpose chose to ‘xpose’ my humble abode to their loyal fanbase, and it was fantastic to see how much of an interest and a platform the station were providing to homegrown designers and emerging Irish artists.

And to top it all off, I was absolutely thrilled to be featured along with a stellar list of Irish designers such as Ireland's Eye, John Hanly & co, Jennifer Rothwell, Natalie b. Coleman,  Juvi, Martha Lynn.